Welcome to Lagoon Marina

Welcome to the Lagoon Marina! Recognized by our trademark red building, Lagoon Marina boasts all the latest amenities in an old fashioned friendly atmosphere. We can accommodate up to 30 yachts alongside and rafted 2 together and we have 9 feet of water depth. FREE Internet is provided on the docks and bar. The marina has a laundry drop off service, clean showers and toilets, 110/220 power, water fill up and dock security. The facility houses apartment for short and long term rental, sail loft, electronics shop, marine electrics and refrigeration/AC services, a machine and engineering shop.

Lagoonies Bar and Cafe is better than ever. In the same location as the old Lagoonies, on the waterfront in Cole Bay Lagoon, Sint Maarten, with a fresh new look. Lagoonies has kept the same feel as the original Lagoonies: the old fashioned cruiser-friendly environment that made it ever so popular. Olivia, who took over the management intends to continue the old relaxed atmosphere where the boater and locals meet eat and drink. Don’t miss this ever-popular hot spot! Come by land or sea: free secure parking or dinghy dock!

Entering Lagoon Marina by Water

Since February 2010 the channel towards Lagoon Marina in Cole Bay Lagoon St-Maarten has been marked clearly by the Lagoon Authority. The American system is used (red right return)

The channel starts at the NW point of Simpson Bay Marina and runs across Cole Bay.

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