Marina Rates

Lagoon Marina Dock Rates

Daily: $1.50 per foot per day.
Weekly: $6.00 per foot per week.
Monthly: $15.00 per foot per month.

*First month thereafter $22.20 per foot*


Daily: $2.25 per ft.

Weekly rate: $9.00 per ft.

Monthly Rate: $22.50 per ft.

*First month thereafter: $33.00 per foot*

Non Raft-Ups are 1.5 x  the normal rate.

*5% tax included

*Monthly rate in high season (1st November until 1st June) for max one month! After the first month we charge 1.5 x the monthly rate.

Additional Amenities:

$3.00,- Shower tokens available at the marina office.

Low season rates:

From 1 June until 31st October , we offer low season specials. Rate for monthly dockage:

Monohull: $12.50 per foot per month/summer special

Multihull: $18.75 per foot per month/summer special

To insure best possible safety, only 5 to 6 boats can be accommodated during hurricane conditions!

Hurricane conditions apply:

*No steel or Ferro-cement boats, max.  length 60 ft.

*Boats need to have third party insurance ( on file in the marina).

*The marina takes no responsibility for damage to the dock or other boats. Boat owner has to sign for his liability.

*If boat owner wants to move his boat from the dock during hurricanes, he has to be there or appoint another person to move the boat ( address and onfile in the marina). The marina management decides when boats need to be moved off the dock timely in case of hurricane thread. Owner or representative must remove boat from dock when requested by marina management.

*If boat owner wants to leave his boat on the dock during hurricane season, while off island, the boat needs to be moored as if hurricane conditions are expected.

*Marina reserves the right to move or evacuate any unattended vessel at owners sole risk and expense if the above conditions are not executed. Owner shall be responsible for any losses, damages or expenses incurred by the Marina as a result of owners failure to comply with any such requests.


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