Lagoonies history

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If you were a cruiser any time from the early 1990s, many of you would remember the old Lagoonies Bar known as one of the last classic, good old fashioned watering holes where sailors and marine professionals from all over the world could meet to exchange information, have rowdy evenings full of laughter and live music, and indulge in a delicious warm meal with plenty of grog to go around. Lagoonies was always a great value for money and a popular stop off where cruisers could take a break from their long passages to provision up, work on their yachts, or just relax for a few days before heading out to sea again. It was also one of the most popular spots for locals to congregate, network and hear tales of the goings on around the Caribbean.

On a quiet day in 2004, Lagoonies closed it doors and many of the regulars were left wondering what would replace it. Over the next several years, the property was re-developed and what is now the new Lagoon Marina is in full swing again with Lagoonies Bar and Café in front and center. The marina now has all the latest amenities and facilities including modern telecoms, laundry, security, a new dinghy dock, and half a dozen marine services on location. Lagoonies Bar and Café has a fresh new look with a traditional old feel and includes a lovely outdoor terrace for waterfront dining and cocktails, Live music again fills the air on Friday nights and 5 to 6 is very happy hour every night.

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