Adam and Max met in Panama ten years ago and ended up sailing across the Pacific together.
This sparked a long term partnership in travel and work that evolved into Nomad here on St.
Maarten. With over ten years experience in the mines of Australia to marine electrical in the
Caribbean, Adam is a wealth of knowledge with anything involving volts and amps! This
combined with Max’s thirteen year career on super yachts as captain and engineer, gives a vast
area of knowledge within the marine sector. With a passion for the sea and years of experience
sailing around the world, Nomad was set up to offer a customizable and professional response
to boaters’ needs.
Nomad Marine Solutions specializes in marine electrical and refit management. Whether you
need a lithium upgrade or expanding your solar array, Nomad can assist you with the best
technologies available to get your boat running off the grid with all the comforts of shore power.
If you have a substantial work list or you’re leaving your boat on St. Maarten long term, Nomad
can also assist in coordinating and advising on what your boat needs while you’re away.
Get in touch to have a chat with any questions or issues you might be having and we’ll see you
out on the water!

+1721 5273494 / +1721 5811490




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